I Want An API!

This site is meant to be a walk through for deploying an API, allowing you to make your data, content and other resources accessible online in a machine readable format.

First the basics:

Before you deploy an API, you might consider just making your data and content machine readable.

If focusing on making your data, content and resources machine readable makes sense, you might next consider where you can host and mange these resources, making available in an organized, but acessible way.

Moving beyond machine readable and actually into the realm of providing the tools for deploying an API. It makes sense to start with a handful of basic functions for accomplishing specific API implementation goals

It would make sense to provide Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) implmentations of the above tools:

It would make sense to provide Platform as a Service(PaaS) implmentations:

I would also add in the new Backend as a Service (BaaS) platforms who have ready to go APIs:

Then provide direct links to Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for API deployment:

This page is meant to outline to provide all the resources needed to deploy and API, and will be a work in progress. Please contact Kin Lane (@kinlane) for more information.